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“To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living.”

~Alvin Ailey

As an artist responsible for communicating intention through your body, you must be able to care for, maintain, and tap into the vast well of your creative vessel to bring forth your "uniqueness".  

Your body is a reflection of the foods you eat, the words you speak, your hopes, dreams, fears and a range of other things. You get tired and you get sick. You have bills, you have loved ones, and you have all the rest of the hours in a day that effect who you are. All of this shows up in your body, in class, and in your work. Learning to align these elements with your dance goals is vital.

Do you want to take better care of your body? Do you know how to pay better attention to your nutrition? Ultimately the question to ask is: Can you expedite the progress of your practice through nutrition? 

My answer is a resounding YES... because you are more than just a body moving in space.

Whether you’re looking for progress, weight loss, healthier habits, finding your edge, self-confidence, better time management skills, or simply change ... Health Coaching may be your answer.


Bring your healthiest & most creative self to your artistic path!

Curious? Let's chat. 


**Private technique and alignment based sessions also available.

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