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“I initially thought my sessions with a health coach would be focused solely around nutrition, eating habits, and exercise. While these were definitely key topics during our sessions, I had no idea that health coaching involved so much more! Yvonne taught me that health is not only about what you eat and what your cardio regimen looks like throughout the week. She reminded me that a healthy mind and body comes from all sources. We discussed everything from loving your vegetables and vitamins to navigating relationships and distinguishing want from need for YOURSELF. Also, as a dancer, I loved that I was being coached by a dancer. She always had great insight into typical dancer worries from helping me prepare my body ready for shows to providing comfort from post-audition stress. If you're looking for a healthier lifestyle--in all areas of your life--Yvonne is your girl!”


“When I first started these sessions I didn't know what to expect. I thought I was just going to be working on nutrition in the physical form but turns out it was the health and nutrition vital to creating a better life in all areas physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I wasn't that open because it was just so new and uncomfortable to go below the surface with someone I didn't have a relationship with but Yvonne was patient and kept pushing. I've built trust with her, I've been more vocal, I've nurtured my creativity, I've grown in my approaches in various parts of life, I've tried new recipes and I'm grateful for the guidance every step of the way. I'm slightly overwhelmed as to how much HAS indeed happened and blossomed over only 6 months. I'm proud of myself and having someone there to remind me that I'm taking steps in the right direction is so important. I don't know if I knew how important that was to me and for me but, it is. Thank you for your persistence and advice and encouragement!”


“I am incredibly thankful of having met Yvonne, of all she has given me, of her generosity and her wisdom. As a fellow dancer, I immediately felt she understood me, my struggles, my fears, my insecurities. I was first interested in a health coach because I had this ingrained idea that there was a ‘right’ way to eat and how my body ‘should’ look, and when both those concepts come together: I would be happy. I stood behind these ‘black and white’, ‘good and bad’ philosophies all my life, it has been all I know. Needless to say: changing my own mindset has been quite challenging.

Yvonne’s approach to health is realistic and holistic, teaching me that ‘health’ extends beyond food, an idea that I am only beginning to understand. She has never judged, but rather allowed me –at my own pace- to confront the delicate subjects that I had avoided facing for many years. I would highly encourage anyone who has faced similar struggles –or perhaps struggles of their own- to reach out to her; she is loyal, honest, warm, encouraging, and trustworthy. Yvonne has a contagious energy filled with positivity and care. Her guidance has been of essence as I learn to cultivate a new relationship with myself and ultimately, my lifestyle.”


"I'm proud of this one because I lost 20 lbs to fit into this dress".


For years I have struggled with making the right choices in life and food. When I began my sessions with Yvonne my hopes were to learn about nutrition so that I could pass this onto my children. I want to be the best example that I can be. Working with Yvonne has taught me that healthy is not boring. Our sessions have given me control over my life and a new positive outlook to the best version of me. My journey with Yvonne has been amazing and this gift to my family and myself is priceless. I am grateful for her guidance and help.



In the past few months since I have been training with Yvonne I have noticed a vast improvement in my posture, alignment, and coordination. I have a new understanding of body mechanics which aides and protects me while I train. Also I have gained confidence in my abilities because of her patient, encouraging, and personalized instruction and approach. In my opinion Yvonne is a breed apart from the rest. Anyone who can make me smile while I exert and challenge myself is a winner!



Yvonne is an incredible Health Coach with a passion like no other. Her knowledge about nutrition, exercise, body, and movement is also her own lifestyle. After suffering from stomach problems almost my entire life, which was diagnosed as Acid Reflux and later IBS, and having gone to many doctors, hospital visits, and taking every test you could think of, Yvonne guided me in my lifestyle changes. That helped me understand healthy eating habits which has changed my life. While working with Yvonne I was able to substantially lower ALL my medications (approved  by my doctor) and I even joined a gym! I work out, I eat well, I feel a lot better... Thank you Yvonne for all your help!

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