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"If the body be feeble,

the mind will not be strong" 

~ Thomas Jefferson

You have plenty of reasons to exercise. And maybe a million more reasons not to. Maybe you've actually been able to get yourself inspired enough to move, but then found it difficult to maintain your momentum? Maybe you stop when the workout becomes uncomfortable? Maybe you just don't know what to do? Maybe consistency is the issue? Or maybe... you've just lost the joy in movement.

If time is a hurdle, if getting to the gym doesn't sound exciting, if the machines seem intimidating, or that Zumba class just isn't cutting it for you, consider movement coaching. 

In the comfort and privacy of your own home, with a program tailored to meet your specific needs and personal preferences, let's create the best exercise experience possible. I'd love to create a program just for you that draws from my Personal Training, Dance, and Yoga background.


As your Movement Coach and Personal Trainer, I will help you create specific, realistic, and attainable goals. I hold you accountable and make the workouts fun. We'll maximize your results and target areas by working on proper form and execution. If you're working with injuries and limitations we'll find alternatives and variations. This is a judgement free zone. Just You and I... and maybe a friend if you'd like! Add this element to your Health Coaching program too.

Let's begin!

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